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Tong Art Advisory’s internationally-based team specializes in primary and secondary market collection, private and corporate art acquisition, as well as curatorial and exhibition projects. Our vision and methodology are informed by our collective professional experiences as gallerists and private dealers in leading art spaces, as well as educational training in post-war and contemporary art.

Our research is tailored to our global network, for whom we curate personal collections, incorporate artworks into commercial real estate spaces, and university campuses. With a keen eye for both conceptual and investment value, we deliver timely perspectives on the perpertual happenings in the global art world. Our informed advice and deeply-rooted relationships with galleries and artists deliver incisive knowledge of key artworld platforms, from exhibitions to art fairs, as well as sharp insight into new and exciting creative practices.

Our multilingual fluency and cross-cultural sensibility enable us to bridge the realms of contemporary art in Asia and the Western hemisphere. As one of the few professional art advisories committed to China’s collectors, we are dedicated to initiating and building new collections in the region focused on post-war and contemporary art. With this unique capacity, too, we offer services to facilitate the career of emerging artists, helping to develop new markets and establish institutional collaborations that shed light and reveal new entrypoints into the multifaceted art world.



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